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Web Development

Let us build that perfect website for you that will help you to go forward and change the world! A Web Design with your customer in mind. It’s is more involved than creating an attractive website you need to consider the user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details.

Go to Administrative & Personal Assistance Consulting

Administrative & Personal Assistance Consulting

Sometimes life can be a little too busy. Am I right? A Virtual Virgo assistant can help you get a handle on the tasks that eat up your valuable time. Talk to a Virtual Virgo and get your life back!

Go to Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media has become such a part of our world. We can help bring you from Atari Master to Social Media Maverick.

Go to Book Launch Assistance

Book Launch Assistance

Now that you have spent many fun-filled hours creating your baby, you need assistance sending it out to the world. We can help market your book to the important reviewers and bloggers to get the buzz going.

What is Virtual Virgo?

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We are independent contractors, with experience and expertise in a variety of areas. You have an area you need help with, we find the Virtual Virgo that’s perfect for you.

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