Project Files, Links, Tasks and Discussion and it’s all in Context!

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How many of us are trying to use e-mail, text messages or instant message conversations to manage those big projects? Even though I can’t see you I know that lots of your hands went up.  How about trying to find the answer to a question after someone has changed the subject? Unless you remember the exact wording or date you’re searching for be prepared to spend lots and lots of your valuable time looking through e-mails, text messages and instant messages.

This results in the inevitable loss of context.

After attending an excellent free seminar at the Camarillo Public Library called “Team Collaboration Strategies” by Matt Moran, President of Pulse Infomatics, Inc. We learned about a team collaboration tool called Glip that will get your projects out of e-mail, forever!

We use Glip with our clients and with each other. Glip removes the need for instant messaging or texting someone for a quick answer because it is programmed so smartly that it knows when you are logged in and sends notifications accordingly, so no more mailbox full of redundant notifications.  If you’re logged in to the site on a PC not only do your team mates know you are available, your mobile version doesn’t get a notification. If a team member doesn’t want to log in to the desktop app or use a mobile app, they can work right from their email box and any notification replied to goes right back in to Glip for the rest of the team to see.

Some people may still be wondering, what Glip is, exactly.  It is a web-based software which also allows you to have a mobile version (either iOS or Android) that allows you to invite coworkers or guests to discuss anything, similar to instant messaging, either live or if someone is unavailable or new, they can read the whole discussion later.  If someone uploads a document, you discuss that document, and the conversation about it is documented right with it…adding the much needed context. You can add links to a Google Drive location and all of the information for a particular project is right at your fingertips. What about meetings and tasks? Glip has the capability to handle that too! You can even have them added to your Google (or another) calendar with a simple subscription process.  Need a video conference to bring everyone together? That is there too, with the ability to record a video chat for unavailable team members (this has a limit of 500 free minutes). You can also integrate Google Hangouts for video chats as well.

We have found this tool to be a valuable addition for our group of busy, virtual professionals, who need to keep themselves, their clients and their projects organized.

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