Why does your business need Instagram?

By Thomas Murphree

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

We live in a visual world where we trust our eyes. Instagram is a vital part of any brands media platform. With 30 million pairs of eyes on this picture & video sharing platform, it is an easy way to share your brands personality.

People LOVE pretty pictures.

It’s true; people like a good photograph that moves them emotionally or makes them feel a part of a community. You can use this to highlight a product or service you provide and create a perfect opportunity to be seen. Bring them into your brand with your creativity.

Make people feel like they are an insider to you and your brand.

When you “pull back the curtains” and let people see the behind the scenes it helps people feel more comfortable with you and your brand. Everyone wants to be an insider and photos of you and your team in action make the viewer feel more like an insider.

It creates engagement.

Instagram encourages people to become engaged with you and your brand. You can ask questions, call for action or encourage participation from a group of people that already like your brand! With the use of hash tags, you can expand your audience to people that may not know you. It’s SOCIAL media and people love to be social.

Your personality can shine through your brand.

Using all your social media platforms including Instagram, you’re able to create and sculpt a complete profile and personality for your brand, infusing it with whatever attributes you feel best fall in line with your vision.

It helps people trust you.

In a world of less and less human interaction, Instagram can help you build trust and put a face to your brand. A picture can quickly give someone a view into your day or brand. Don’t be afraid to use a lighthearted picture, humor can create trust with your followers.

Instagram is great for contests.

Instagram can keep conversation about your brand lively, especially when you have a contest. Offering a small prize or free chapter of your upcoming book can drive people to your page to join in the fun! Use hash tags like #contest or #contestday and a picture with your contest on it and build excitement around you and your brand.


Promote your special events on Instagram.

Are you having an event or going to be at a trade show? Document your time: before, during and after with candid shots of you and your tribe. People at the event will feel special to be on your feed and your followers will feel like they were in on the action.

Who knows who might see you.

You never know what might go viral on the web. All it takes is that one picture to change your business forever. An engaging photo can equal a lot of new eyes on your brand.

When you are strategic, thoughtful and add some playful creativity you can gain a great deal of traction for your brand. Instagram can be an incredibly useful tool in helping to bring your personality to your brand. So look up, look around and see all the opportunities around you to show off your brand.

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