Write Social Media Like You Talk

cropped-Keep-it-real.jpegOne of the most common requests I get from clients is to have their social media sound authentic.  No one wants routine words and images auto-generated by a bot feeding the always hungry machine that is the internet. With authenticity comes connection, we all would like to be connected to other people. There are several things you really need to consider when writing content to help you connect with your audience.

Come On Y’all Be Social!
Think of your posts as if you are actually being social, like at a cocktail party you want to be engaging and approachable. If you met someone at a party and they just said “Hi, everything here is 20% off”.  You might stop for a second, but probably not stay for any length of time. As someone with message, you need to pretend the person you wish to speak to is right in front of you. The best way to market your content and not sound like you’re marketing content is to actually not market content. Make sense?

Be Trustworthy!
Authenticity matters, so does transparency. If you want to seem trustworthy, try BEING trustworthy. We are in an age of media overload and people want to be able to trust the products and services they like. You need to treat your customer as insiders, to demonstrate the human side of your company. Customers want honesty, it’s ok to admit mistakes and ask for input from them. Doing this will create a link from your brand to your human side and honesty.

Share It!
Another way to bring authenticity to your social media is to share the things you are passionate about and find useful. Be mindful of the content of any article you are posting to your company page. Is it appropriate? Content needs a wow factor. Is it something you must immediately share with a friend? Be sure to write a few sentences on why you chose to share it. A simple article that resonates with you and is in the realm of what you are doing might be a good message to share with those that trust you and your business.

Be Aligned!
An authentic voice on social media is one which aligns with your brand’s style, tone, and key messaging. If your brand is a highly serious,  finance firm, your brand’s voice will most likely differ from the voice of a local record store. The audience expects a brand’s voice of one type of business will be different from another. Don’t worry about sounding “cool and hip” unless your brand is appealing to those who are “cool and hip”. If you are offering life coaching, you don’t have to be a hipster or use middle school slang. Remember, be authentic to who and what you are and what your brand represents.

Learn to Listen!
We spend a great deal of time thinking about the message we want to put out, but before that we need to listen. Listen to what your community is talking about and not just the parts dealing with you.  What are they really discussing and what just seems to be noise to them.

With just a little thought and a few ground rules your authentic self can easily shine through all of your posts and content.

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