July 18, 2015


Q) Who are these Virtual Virgo?
A) We are a group of independent contractors with experience and expertise in a variety of areas. You work directly with your chosen consultant for all direction, workflow, and billing.

Q) How do I know which Virtual Virgo to choose?
A) Check out our bios on the Meet the Team page and see if anything resonates. We all travel our own paths, perhaps ours have crossed before. Still not sure? Contact us and we can find the Virtual Virgo that is the right combination of experience and likeability for you.

Q) Where in the world are Virtual Virgo located?
A) All of our independent contractors are nomadic creatures.

Q) Does “virtual” mean I can only communicate in the clouds?
A) Of course not! Although your first contact with your Virtual Virgo may be by email, they are also available by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Q) What tasks can Virtual Virgo perform?
A) Our What We Do pages cover the majority of the help that we provide. If there is one that is not listed, send us an email and we’ll see if there is a Virtual Virgo with experience to assist you.

Q) How do I track task progress or the hours used?
A) We use ToDoist as our preferred project management tool. There is no additional cost to you. Within it, you can communicate directly with your Virtual Virgo, send files and documents. If you would rather communicate exclusively by Skype and email, that is perfectly fine as well. However, do not ask about fax machines, this isn’t 1995. With our Packages, we will send you a weekly wrap up of what we have been working on for you.

Q) What are your rates and how do I show you the money?
A) For our packages, check out the Packages page. We accept major credit cards and Paypal. Since you pay your Virtual Virgo directly, please check with them for what works best for both of you.

Q) What if it doesn’t work out? How do I cancel?
A) Not all relationships work out and we don’t want to break each others’ hearts. If you don’t think we are meeting your needs, let your Virtual Virgo know right away. Any time already worked upon cancellation, will be billed at an hourly rate. We must be notified of your wish to cancel in writing.

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