July 25, 2015

Project Management

You need to get a few projects done and you can’t focus all your time on it?

We can help you manage that project or event and help you and your team bring it in on time and on schedule!

  • We work with many digital management tools (Asana, Basecamp, Todoist,Easy Projects, Glip, Monday, and Project Management).
  • We can help you through the five phases of Project Management:
    • Conception and initiation: An idea is examined and evaluated to determine if it can be initiated.
    • Definition and Planning: This involves outlining all the work required to complete a project including budgeting, scheduling, and planning resources. (This is where a project plan template comes in handy.)
    • Project Launch: Tasks are allocated to teams and team members are informed of responsibilities.
    • Performance and Control: Task managers assess and monitor performance to adjust schedules.
    • Closing: Once a project is completed, delivered, and approved by the client, a wrap-up discussion takes place in order to review different aspects of the project.
  • We help with the worry, so you can focus on other things.


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